Sunday, November 21, 2010

Baptism, Square, Boyscout Camping, Old Fashion Day

FAll Boyscout Camping
love the campfires and food

Girls excited to play

love him

After Liv's baptism, walk on the square

Heavens, so proud, thankful, overwhelmed

Praying before

Walker can't wait til next yr when he can particpate in K

On the tractor /hayride

I volunteered with PTO, walked by boots off

but so thankful so spend the day with my kids

Random: forts.....all the time, great fun but clean up not so fun :)

They get to sleep in them at night...great until it collapses at 2 a.m.

Had posted this earlier but here's one with Liv-both sick

fun fall day , playing outside

Love love this sweet girl


Coleman proud of gymnastics, writing down weather on paper and answering questions, ms pam, opeinging the door, very awesome attitude of helping

Olivia-wiz with choir songs, loves singing, very thoughtful and insightful, doesn't like it when younger brothers get in trouble and tries to make them feel better.

Walker.can write his hame, telling me how electricty works, blood vessels, oxygenated blood, what lungs look like, valves in the blood vessel to prevent back flow. You came in nana's car b/c you smell like had used her shampooo that morning

Caleb-talking to myself in the asked what are you lookng for..I say my work shoes..I see caleb take off into the house...not really thinking.........he went to my bedroom, to my bathroom , into the my shoes and brought them to me.

walker breathing-thankful

Not this episode but one of many treatments

hmmmmmm, we've all been sick.........I took a nap on Monday...unheard of b/c I had lots of necessary and pressing things to do that by Wed I was sick sick and realized I wasn't runned down b/c of sick kids up at night but sick sick. I had great plans for the wkend...including reorg closet, shopping, organizing work stuff...which sounds not great -ha but for me to do with no kids is ....but I think i had a record of 20 hrs on the couch under a snuggly blanet watching a zillion taped shows
Thankful for health...Walker has been having a difficult winter school season with respiratory issues, allergies. He has had "croup", "asthma" several times with Alubterol breathing tx, I was thinking to's been a month of more time and I think we'll go to the MD for some preventative meds. Walker came home from Awanas on a Wed nite coughing with a very slight croupy sound so even though the MDs have said Albuterol doesn't help does in a pinch...better than the freezer or steam shower...or in conjunction with. So, gave him a breathing tx and off to bed thinking I had warded off a complete attack. Then at 3am, I awoke to him loudly crying and saying "i can't breathe"..i jumped up in a bleary blur saying ok buddy I"ll get you a breathing tx and and walker really really crying hard and saying his head was you mothers know...crying and crying are, I'm not worried, two, I"m a little worried and know he is hurting, and then there's the crying...oh crap..something is really wrong. I run over to get some IBprofen when he started trying to cough and then trying to breathing in sharply ..i say try b/c he was gasping it seemed for hair. I dropped the Ibprofen and grapped the Albuterol and quickly put his mask on and went back to the Ibprofen. He is still crying and ripping the mask off saying he coudn't breathe...he was pulling the mask inside out he was breathing so hard..coughing/gasping....nothing like previous croup/asthma attacks...we had gone to the ER before. For me I thought , he is in distress I think...and quickly went from "do i call my mom/dad" to come over and watch the kids so I can take him to the ER to if he doesn't start breathing right I"m might have to call 911---never in the 9 yrs of kids have I ever felt like that . I pulled the cord outside onto the deck in the t/shirt/cold nite....and held him with the mask a little off his face telling him to breathe in /out and rubbing his back in the freezing nite..of course he wanted to know why we were out there. Meanwhile, Coleman woke up and wondered what was going on...I asked him to turn the shower on.....and finally Wa breathing slowed to a more normanl asthma/croup attack with coughing intermittently. After it was over, he slept in my bed and I just watched him as my hand shook and I cried b/c I didn't want to overreact but was so worried he couldn't breathe and so thankful he was resting. I have been to the ER numerous times with Coleman and 1x with Walker for breathing epsisode so I'm not scared we had to go to ER in ...this was the first and only time I was frightened for his airway. So, into the MD next day.....started steroids for croup and preventative meds for asthma...1wk later....his cough seems to be resolving.

He who watches over you will not slumber...Psalm 121:3

Sunday, November 14, 2010

happy fall yall-pumpkins, halloween, sicknesses

One of Calebs fave-dancing in the chair

Poor pumpkin, sick in my bed

hanging out at church while liv in choir

Nana's bday

Watching the Qizard of Oz-lions , tigers, and bears

breathing treatments :(

Short time liked wearing gloves

Caleb and Live-sickies in my bed

boyscout bike derby

Awanas dress up

cracks me up, my hat and glasses

Halloween party at school

oh lord,,,sickness bug has hit..missed church for 6 wks. We actually had to skip trick or treating b/c of sick kids but had alot of prior halloween festivities I hid candy around the house to let them trick or treat. Coleman was a vampire, Liv was a cowgirl, Walker was a cowboy, Caleb was a pirate.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Random end of summer/school 2010

great badminton game

Walker helping Unkey

Caleb helping :)

Coleman and assistant Walker with lego masterpiece-boat

Caleb haircut...not crying

Unkey building a shelf with the boys

Unicoi state park, playing in the creek

After the hike

oh my- I love em

Caleb not liking the squeaking of the crank pulling the food to the goats


walker explaining why his papa wendl is bald...his brain grew to big and it shot his hair out of his head.
walker and caleb are like two old men watching the badminton game- it was the great summer of badminton...avoiding a 2/4 yr old racing around in an electric tractor.

I missed our outing to the falls and goats on the roof - feed the goats and they do tricks...this was on our way to the waterfall.

oh lordy...since school has started it's been a whirlwind of activities..............Kids are doing great in school. Coleman loves Mr. Gerrells and it's been a great 4th grade year with academics great and behaviour...cutting down on socialiation...but that's oK., Olivia still has mrs. Gooch and all around doing well. Walker likes/dislikes school like only Walker can but is doing well and can write his same and sings all the songs spontaneously....5 little pumpkins, gingerbread man. Caleb love mothers morning out MMO and wants to go everyday but goes 3 mornings a wk.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

end of summer 2010

Night hanging at the Dahonega Square

Potty training.... not so happy at first but ended up getting the hang of it aftera matchbox car suggestion

First dentist appt -age 4, did great!

caleb-you bend down, ready set go with your jaw clenched and run as hard as you can , so cute, watching the movie spirit with the horses and burying you head into my shoulder when you were scared...thanking God for the horses going to bed prayers Olivia...praying for peace for everyone when coleman was killing the monster spider on the garage wall while I screamed , jumped out of the car , and then settled my self down after reving up the kids. ( spiders aren't my thing...ever...and there is no such thing as a small spider)
coleman...a little helper, buying things at the garage sale...for nana, for me

Coleman and his master lego building skills

walker...being so sweet and sitting during the magic show at Alex's bday party and happy for his friend to get his presents and excited to give him his present

Caleb......swinging the pinata, trying golf...loves all sports, wivia, kalker, knows red, count to 10, likes 5 little monkeys swinging in a tree, alligator purse, wheel on the bus, 'it was a dent, mommy" was an accident :)

walker playing the the mud and I asked if he was making mud pies...and he said "no, I"m making my own diarrhea?" I was playing badminton with Coleman at the time and laid down on the driveway laughing until I cried...that child makes me laugh-whew.