Sunday, November 21, 2010

Baptism, Square, Boyscout Camping, Old Fashion Day

FAll Boyscout Camping
love the campfires and food

Girls excited to play

love him

After Liv's baptism, walk on the square

Heavens, so proud, thankful, overwhelmed

Praying before

Walker can't wait til next yr when he can particpate in K

On the tractor /hayride

I volunteered with PTO, walked by boots off

but so thankful so spend the day with my kids

Random: forts.....all the time, great fun but clean up not so fun :)

They get to sleep in them at night...great until it collapses at 2 a.m.

Had posted this earlier but here's one with Liv-both sick

fun fall day , playing outside

Love love this sweet girl


Coleman proud of gymnastics, writing down weather on paper and answering questions, ms pam, opeinging the door, very awesome attitude of helping

Olivia-wiz with choir songs, loves singing, very thoughtful and insightful, doesn't like it when younger brothers get in trouble and tries to make them feel better.

Walker.can write his hame, telling me how electricty works, blood vessels, oxygenated blood, what lungs look like, valves in the blood vessel to prevent back flow. You came in nana's car b/c you smell like had used her shampooo that morning

Caleb-talking to myself in the asked what are you lookng for..I say my work shoes..I see caleb take off into the house...not really thinking.........he went to my bedroom, to my bathroom , into the my shoes and brought them to me.

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